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Sandra Elsley (B.A, M.A., M.Ed, MFT)

Sandra Elsley (B.A, M.A., M.Ed, MFT) is a seasoned therapist who specializes in Individual, Marriage and Family counseling and therapy for clients in the Niagara and Toronto regions. For over 30 years, Sandra has maintained a successful and thriving private practice where she has helped countless individuals and couples to overcome relationship and core emotional issues. Most of her referrals come through word of mouth and professionals in the health and wellness field, though self-referral is acceptable.

Sandra Elsley


Absolutely Wonderful

Hi Sandra, I just wanted to reach out saying how absolutely wonderful it was meeting you. You made the experience comfortable, as I know for Pete that was way out of his comfort zone. You helped us already learn so much and learn how each other’s minds are so different. We have been sharing our experience with our family over the weekend (my mom wants to come talk with you as well) we will definitely be coming back soon to continue our growth. I will talk to Pete more as to when than I will message you to book it. Thanks again!

Supportive therapist

I’ve been a client of Sandra’s for years. She’s amazing at what she does and is the only therapist I felt very comfortable with. She has helped me throughout the years to really become the person I am today. Without going into details, I struggled with a lot of mental health and depression. Sandra has been a big support for me and my growth. I personally recommend Sandra as a therapist if you’re looking for someone who is not just there to listen but to guide you and teach you the tools you need to become a happy healthier version of yourself. I was truly in a dark place when meeting Sandra and she has helped me with my mental health, relationships and past trauma. Thank you Sandra.

Amazing !!

Sandra Has been absolutely incredible with the service and attention to detail with my wife and I…. we already owe her thanks for the compassionate and positive experience we have had over the last month. Highly recommended for those hitting tough times in their relationship and need assistance. Thank You Sandra

Sandra's training is extensive and eclectic making her an effective therapist in both one-on-one environments and group settings. In the beginning of her career, Sandra earned her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from Brock University. She later went on to continue her education obtaining two Masters degrees, the first in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from the California Family Studies Center and the second in Counseling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario.

Following her formal schooling, Sandra's commitment to mastering her craft landed her a two-year internship at the Interfaith Pastoral Counseling Center where she not only received comprehensive supervision, but also engaged in her own personal and group therapy work. Sandra's belief is that these formative years laid out a strong foundation for her to work with her clients, and while critical to the development of her career, there is much more that she has experienced over time that supports her work and method.

Ongoing, intensive courses in Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy (relational therapy), sound therapy, ancient healing traditions, meditation, spiritual traditions, hypnotherapy, and trauma work are all embedded into Sandra's counseling repertoire. Her approach is intuitive and creative and varies to ensure that each client is treated respectfully and uniquely. Other distinctive methods of Sandra's work include Holotropic Breathwork and "Out of the Box" personal growth tours to areas such as Sedona, Arizona, Peru and the Amazon Jungle.


Right to the issues

Thank you for extending your hours and accommodating us last night. It was definitely a pleasure meeting both you and your puppets. I agree that you can help us, l love how quickly you work and get right to the issues.

Thank you so much Sandra!

Thank you so much Sandra! You have no idea how much I appreciate that. You have helped our relationship more in 4 months and gotten it to the best place possible in the 2 years we have known each other. I am so thankful for you! -E.M


I’ve read the reviews here and think it’s important to note that Sandra is wonderful with children and young adults. She is kind, nurturing and helps them them feel safe and comfortable which is something that is very important as a parent. I would highly recommend her services.

Prior to entering the world of self-employment as a therapist, Sandra worked for 17 years in the government section with Adult Criminal Offenders. She also has experienced the corporate sector where she became well acquainted with the many challenges, personalities and strategies one must learn to not only survive but thrive within and without.

Sandra's passion is to work with high-functioning individuals who seek personal development and growth through therapy. These individuals are willing to engage in a process of self-discovery and self-consciousness, which will help them to develop the discipline and commitment necessary to create the lives they truly desire.


Very skilled at asking the tough questions

I’ve met with Sandra when I’ve felt stuck and need help working through difficult times. I noticed she is very skilled at asking the tough questions required to get to the deeper layers of what I was going through. I also like how Sandra is very thorough in understanding your past and I also feel comfortable talking to her about anything. I found my sessions to be incredibly beneficial, particularly in the areas of personal development and helping me attract the right partner for me.

Relationship Struggles

Sandra has provided excellent support and guidance for my spouse and I during some very tough times. She displayed nothing but expertise and professionalism and all the while made us feel as if we were talking with someone we had known for a very long time. She is personable and did an awesome job making us feel comfortable enough to share the most intimate parts of our lives with her. I hope that there isn’t another time that I will need her services, but I know that if I do, I will find great support in Sandra.

Safe place to be

Being a person who does not share much of their feelings, I found myself being able to open up and experience a flood of emotions that I would normally avoid…because I felt safe


Sandra is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable, even when you don’t want to talk.

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Appropriate referrals provided as required.
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Zoom calls & online appointments are also available for all local & global clients.

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