Sandra Elsley

Life Coach
Marriage & Family Therapist

Individual Counseling

Days, Evenings & Weekends Appointments Available.

Once we've had a preliminary consultation over the phone, I typically suggest that we book a two-hour session. This provides us with time to get beyond the 'story' and to move to the core issues that are causing you distress. Our first session together also gives me the time to help you start making the necessary changes that will help you to move forward and heal. By the time you leave my office, you should feel more clear about your thoughts and feelings and also have a better sense of direction. Most of my clients feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

To start, I recommend that we meet weekly for at least five consecutive sessions. After that time, frequency (once a week or once every two weeks) can be adjusted based on your needs.

Couples’ & Relationship Counseling

Days, Evenings & Weekends Appointments Available.

Similar to Individual Counseling sessions, I suggest that you and your partner come in for a two-hour session for your first visit. In these two hours, we will explore the root concerns behind your relationship and explore potential paths to take in-depth counseling. The frequency of our sessions can then be adjusted based on your needs.

Skype Services Available

Days, Evenings & Weekends Appointments Available.

Over the past several years Skype has proven to be an effective means of working together.Many of my Canadian clients reside in cities outside of the Niagara Region where my office is presently located. Skype services are also available to clients who reside within the United States and outside of North American borders. Typically these clients have been referred to me through friends and family.

For those potential clients interested in working with me through Skype, please send an email to and we will begin a dialogue to determine whether this means of counseling will work for you.

Payment Information & Policies

Please call to request my rate for each session type.

I accept payments in cash or cheque at the conclusion of each session. I also accept email transfers or credit card payments via PayPal in advance of each session.

Email transfer payments in advance of the session can be made to:

Cancellation policy: If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, there will be a cancellation fee charged regardless of the reason.

I am not a psychologist, though counseling services may be covered under your insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider for more details.